The Washington Post reported early this afternoon that the College Board would not conduct at-home SAT tests this summer and fall.

The College Board explained that it was concerned that many students would not have reliable internet service for a three hour test. In fact, the recent College Board’s Advanced Placement examinations done at home met with many problems when students were unable to submit their work due to computer problems. A great deal of criticism followed.

The Washington Post quoted David Coleman, Chief Executive of the College Board, as acknowledging, “We know demand is very high and the registration process for students and families under this kind of pressure is extremely stressful.” He continued, “There are more important things than tests right now. … We therefore are asking our member colleges to be flexible toward students who can’t submit scores, who submit them later, or who did not have a chance to test more than once.”

When adequate technology to conduct at-home testing will be available is speculative. Students should plan on taking their SAT tests in person at their schools or other testing center.

The ACT has said it is planning at-home testing “if necessary,” but it is unlikely at-home testing will be possible.


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